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Do you need to focus on positive changes from old ways that aren't working anymore or never worked?
Are you experiencing a difficult or unexpected change in your life?
Are you ready to focus on the things you truly desire?

In a world of digital distractions

WE'RE here to help you focus and be your best you!!!

Work with us and we'll help you:
  • Increase focus

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sense of wellbeing

  • Have more efficient sleep

  • Increase energy

  • Control fears, worries and anxiety

  • Increase inner peace, happiness and optimism

  • Effectively tackle tasks and increase productivity









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ABOUT Soul Flo

Soul Flo Wellness Is Passionate About Nurturing Your Mind & Soul In A World Of Digital Distractions 

At Soul Flo we are excited to work and support you to achieve and live your best life personally and professionally!

Currently we provide online and in-person 1-on-1 and group coaching and meditation services where we help you with stress management and increase your personal satisfaction in a time where we are bombarded with digital distractions that throw you off course. From 1-on-1 life and professional coaching to weekly  and personalized meditation sessions we are here to help provide peace, calm and clarity!

In the near future we will open Soul Flo Wellness, a full service center providing private coaching/meditation, classes, workshop, retreats, infrared sauna, massage therapy, acupuncture and more!!! We may even have a mini juice bar with healthy snack and drink choices like WHEATGRASS!!! WOOO WHOOO!!!  Follow us on instagram, Facebook and sign up to receive the latest news and keep up to date with what's Coming Soon with Soul Flo. We want to build a local and online community of wellness that is inspired by YOU!


Feel free to tell us what you think, give us feedback or start a discussion in the Soul Flo Forum. If you’d like to benefit from our professional coaching and meditation services offered now, click on SERVICES in the menu. If you have questions or are just curious, LET'S CHAT on the link in the right corner.

To find out more about our Life and Meditation coach, click on READ ABOUT JEANINE.

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