all sessions are done online via zoom

FREE Clarity Session

This is a free introductory session for us to see if coaching and/or meditation is right for you. We will discuss the meaning of coaching and meditation, discuss what plan works best and answer any questions you may have. GET STARTED TODAY!

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Group Meditation

When there is enough people interested in an online group meditation class, we will begin having classes on the desired day and time. LET US KNOW YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!

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1-on-1 Lifestyle/Meditation Coaching

1-on-1 Lifestyle Coaching is the highest level of individual support for your unique goals and needs. With a personalized program just for you, we will take a deep dive into your routines, habits and recognize patterns and help you work through things that might be getting in the way. We'll help establish a roadmap to get you to the place you want to be. We'll help you develop tools, skills and greater insight that you can apply  to promote growth so you can lead a more fulfilling, gratifying life.

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Midweek Morning Meditation

When there is enough interest to hold this class it will be held online on Wednesdays at 10am.

This is a weekly online group. It's a gentle, guided meditation to help calm and clear your mind, let go of tension and get re-focused for the rest of your day. These meditations help improve your mindfulness, limit distractions and be more present, in the moment, with a positive state of mind.

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Couple's Guidance 

Whether you're in a marriage, domestic partnership or dating we're here to help guide you to improve your relationship. This isn't's coaching. We can help improve your communication, personal growth and guide you to be able to respond to each others needs better. We are here to help you assess and adapt your current habits so you can get the results you want in the future. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP NOW!

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